Bury The Kings Release New Single & Video “Skin and Blood”

Melbourne’s Bury The Kings last month announced the release of their new EP, V, a concept EP dealing with the 5 stages of grief – it will be out May 18th. The EP is available for pre-order now, and today they are rolling out a new single and music video, entitled “Skin and Blood”, which features on the EP.

Wojtek Tomczyk, guitarist for the band says that ““Skin and Blood” is easily the most personal song Bailey and Woj wrote together – we feel that it puts “Depression” out there and our aim was to connect as many people as we could through our music; To show everyone that they’re not alone, and that there’ll always be help when asked for it.

The band’s intent with the EP concept is that It’s about dealing with loss, fighting your inner demons and overcoming against the odds. “What we tried to do with this concept is not only match the lyrical concept, but have the music also correspond with the particular stage,” said Wojtek.

“Skin and Blood” is track four on the record and symbolizes connection with others. Wojtek says that “We did this to show to everyone that even though you got through the 5 stages of grief, the grief will always stay there, no matter what – even if it’s the smallest amount.

Bury the Kings – Skin and Blood (Official Music Video)

Taken from Bury the Kings’ upcoming EP “V” – due May 18th STAGE IV – DEPRESSION They say it gets easier But for me it’s not the same They say I’m a mess, and that’s to say the least I don’t want to be here anymore I’ve given myself a

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