Album Review: Call It Home – Better Days

Post-hardcore outfit Call It Home are set to release their debut album “Better Days” on April 10th independently. While the album doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it still has its enjoyable moments ranging from crushing breakdowns and soaring choruses and some great guest vocalists.

Call It Home are a post-hardcore band that have gone through some lineup changes but seem to have found some stability with their current lineup. The band isn’t reinventing the wheel, instead is taking what works in the post hardcore genre and refining it. One of the bands strengths is the electronics that are present throughout. They help elevate each song and prevent it from something overly generic. The electronics on songs such as “Lock & Key” and “Lanterns” are creative and reminiscent of older post hardcore bands such as That’s Outrageous.

The album is full of breakdowns and chugs that are sure to please any fans of the like. The instrumentals on the album are nothing to write home about but they do the job coupled with the electronics. Vocally the album is another area where the band excels. The choruses soar and the screaming vocals bring the heavy and are sure to open its fair share of mosh pits.

Overall the album ends up being fair and fans of the older style of post-hardcore with electronics, bruising breakdowns and soaring choruses are sure to latch on. The band doesn’t stray too far from the post-hardcore formula and that’s okay . Be sure to check out Better Days on April 10th!


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