Vacant Home Debut New Single “Knife’s Edge”

Melodic hardcore five-piece Vacant Home have released their new single and video for “Knife’s Edge”. The band will play a release show around the new single at Amplifier Bar in Perth on April 14 (with Idle Eyes, Homestate and Among Them).

“Knife’s Edge delves into the struggle of seeing someone you love in pain and the pressure that comes with making sure that they’re safe,” says frontman Callum Mcgivern.

Vacant Home – Knife’s Edge (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Dreambound ________________________________ Artist: Vacant Home Song: Knife’s Edge Album: Single (2018) Hometown: Perth, Australia Website: ________________________________ Label: Mutant League Records Website: ________________________________ Lyrics: I am so drained I call out and I can’t hear your name My pulse through the roof Was this all in vain?

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