The Weekly Drop: April 6

April of 2018 is now here and that means another month full of fantastic releases, today and throughout the rest of the month. The first week brings with it some long awaited returns, surprises and much more. Enough of the chit chat, on with the weekly drop!

Released 04.06.18

Artist: Alison Wonderland
Album: Awake
Genre: Electronic / Trap
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Ängie
Album: Suicidal Since 1995
Genre: Trap / Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Bleed From Within
Album: Era
Genre: Metalcore / Melodic Death Metal
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Caliban
Album: Elements
Genre: Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Coldbones
Album: Where It All Began
Genre: Post Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Crossing The Limits
Album: Perseverance EP
Genre: Pop Punk
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Divided Minds
Album: Mood Swings EP
Genre: Alternative Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Eyes On Satellites
Album: The Illuminator EP
Genre: Post Hardcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: I See Stars
Album: Treehouse (Acoustic) EP
Genre: Acoustic
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Knuckle Puck
Album: Shifted EP
Genre: Pop Punk
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Kylie Minogue
Album: Golden
Genre: Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Palm Reader
Album: Braille
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Snakehips
Album: Stay Home Tapes (= –__– =)
Genre: Electronic / R&B
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Sparrow
Album: Digital People EP
Genre: Metal
Listen: Spotify

Artist: The Second After
Album: Treadmill at the Finish Line EP
Genre: Pop Punk
Listen: Spotify

Artist: The Weekend Classic
Album: Better Health EP
Genre: Alternative Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: The Wonder Years
Album: Sister Cities
Genre: Pop Punk
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Thirty Seconds to Mars
Genre: Alternative Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Underoath
Album: Erase Me
Genre: Metalcore / Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Valis Ablaze
Album: Boundless
Genre: Progressive Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Young Galaxy
Album: Down Time
Genre: Electro Pop
Listen: Spotify

What Are Your Thoughts!

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