Slow Talk Release Title Track From Forthcoming Debut EP

Melbourne’s Slow Talk have released their gorgeous new single, “New Vernacular”, the title track from their forthcoming debut EP out April 27th. This new single is about realising a burning  desire to experience new things, explore the world and escape the monotony of daily life.

Slow Talk vocalist James Butler, said that he “Wrote it to capture the excitement of leaving the country for the first time. The lyrics were written on my first trip to Japan – it’s the most experimental track on the EP and we wanted it to feel foreign, exotic, different.

Butler goes on to speak about their desire to make music that takes a different approach and pushes boundaries. “We want to make our music a journey – songs that over their course, re-interpret and re-appropriate motifs to keep moving the song forward with a sense of direction – i.e. New Vernacular’s chorus is played twice, the first time at half-mast allowing the following verse to overtake it and signal a change for the song.

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