Crooked Teeth Sign to Rude Records & Announce Re-Issue of ‘Pastel’ EP

Photo Credit: Andrew Le

Southern California’s Crooked Teeth are thrilled to announce they’ve signed with Independent label, Rude Records, and will be re-issuing their Pastel EP on May 11th. To mark the announcement, the band have unveiled their new single, “Crawl” which features guest vocals from fellow Rude Records artist Bonnie Fraser of Stand Atlantic, in the form of a heartfelt music video. The single is off the forthcoming EP, produced by Matt Lang (Waterparks, Selfish Things, The Dangerous Summer) and cements their sound as expressive and emotive, whilst retaining a raw edge. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Tyson Evans had this to say about the brand new single and partnering with Bonnie.

Crawl is about talking yourself away from a toxic relationship, be it platonic or intimate. It’s about healing, learning and moving on from an experience that could have potentially altered your core in a negative sense. Our producer, Matt Lang, brought this to us in the spring of 2016. We really dug the hook and the lyrical standpoint of the chorus. I wrote the verses based off a similar experience I had. It’s definitely my personal favorite song in our current catalogue.

I naturally discovered Stand Atlantic by way of a Spotify curated playlist based on what I had been listening to. I loved ‘Coffee at Midnight’ and I thought it was dope that the band was a three-piece as we are as well. Bonnie displays a ton of emotion when she sings and that’s something we really wanted to add to this song. I also wanted the song to be sort of a back and forth from the bridge through the end. I thought it would be cool for the story and the lines of resistance towards toxicity to be sung by a woman versus a guy just blabbing on about some heartbreak the whole time. Bonnie killed it and we are so stoked

Crooked Teeth – Crawl feat. Bonnie from Stand Atlantic (Official Music Video)

Official music video for ‘Crawl’ by Crooked Teeth off their EP, ‘Pastel’.

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