EP Review: Cove – A Conscious Motion

As artists, creating something for yourself is probably more important than it is to create something for the masses. After all, it’s your blood, sweat and tears that go into the project and months, if not years of your life dedicated to a craft and project that may or may not pay off. It’s this dedication that really belies the true meaning of what art is all about for the creators; something cathartic and personal that helps them deal with struggles and life issues while still being able to help listeners connect on the same level. Kent post hardcore outfit Cove have done just that with their sophomore EP, A Conscious Motion and fans of the genre, and music with meaning should take heed.

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Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: March 23, 2018
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Simply put, A Conscious Motion is a chaotic, melodic and mature collection of songs that truly show the growth as not just musicians, put people that the band have undergone since their debut. Kicking off with “Coincide: Collide”, listeners get a fantastic indication of what to expect from Cove. The song itself starts off slow, building up before kicking things into high gear between a combination of catchy riffs that blend the aforementioned melody and chaos. Vocalist Ben Shorten shines and reaffirms his place as a newly found front-man.Exacerbating things even further, “Solis” takes it to 11, leaving more heavily on the chaotic side with frantic riffs, elevating the song to the next level. It’s rounded off by a catchy chorus, showing off incredible vocal prowess and culpability from Shorten. It’s not all about constant deliverance and crashing down, as “All I Believe” rips listeners hearts open with a brilliant riff before crooning, emotional singing kicks in. As it builds, the emotion explodes with harsh screams that truly showcase what A Conscious Motion is all about.

Cove – Coincide:Collide

The first single from the second EP “A Conscious Motion”.

There’s something to be said about creating a project that inherently belongs to the creator over the potential purveyor, and when it’s done correctly, it can be an absolute home-run. That’s the situation with A Conscious Motion as cove have nailed it with the followup, one-upping their previous release and letting the aspects of life and reality that affect them be released to the world through the craft they spend countless hours honing. Truth be told, whether it’s the ability to tug at listeners heartstrings, blend beauty with chaos and madness or simply craft intense music that is absolutely worth a damn, there’s absolutely no reason to sleep on this.

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