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Virginia’s indie/pop-rock outfit Sub-Radio has started the year off with a contagious new release “What Are We” that give’s off an 80’s dance vibe and leaves you to question something that so many of us can relate to when it comes to relationships. The band is also set to drop their brand new EP Headfirst on April 18th and is sure to make a mark on 2018’s pop-rock music scene.

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We’d like to start off by getting to know you guys a little better. Can you tell us who is in the band and your persona as a group?

Mike C. — The band consists of Adam Bradley (lead singer), Matthew Prodanovich (lead guitar), Michael Pereira (drums), John Fengya (keys and guitar), Barry Siford (bass) and Michael Chinen (guitar and keys). We’re all just a fun and loving group of close friends who have known each other for many years.

Are there any local music scenes in Virginia/DC that you can say have influenced you?

John — Our “home base” is Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA. We have played there probably more times than any other venue. It’s a great space to play, and serves as a sort of benchmark against which we can measure our progress, sonically and otherwise. Some big-name acts pass through there too, and we hope to be one of them eventually!

Flashback by Sub-Radio

Sub-Radio’s brand new single, “Flashback”, available everywhere now! Follow us on Spotify: Sub-Radio Social Media:

Tell us something about being a musician other than the music, that inspires you to continue to pursue this as a career?

Mike C.– Other than the music itself, there’s nothing better than being able to share memories and spend time with your best friends. It’s a rare privilege to be able to do that as a job.

From what I understand, you guys have a new release coming in April. Can you give us some details and insight on the new record?

John — That’s right, we’ll be releasing our Headfirst EP in late April, with a few pieces of surprise content before then (stay tuned!) Headfirst is a five-song record that we’re extremely excited to tour and promote; you’ll hear a more thematically-focused and polished entry into our catalog, which represents the direction we’ll be aiming for throughout the next year and beyond.

You guys also released a new track “What Are We.” Would you say this song best reflects the spirit of your upcoming record?

Mike C.– It definitely reflects the theme of our upcoming EP but we wouldn’t say that it represents the EP more than any of the other songs. Each song has its own unique theme but What Are We is a good representation of what many of us in the band but also as a society have gone through at some point in our lives, a relationship that seems to go nowhere.

This track touches on the subject of the struggle of putting a label on a relationship. Why do you feel so many couples struggle with this these days and what’s something you think we could change about it?

John — Man, I feel like this question could be part of a graduate thesis…I think it stems from a breakdown in traditional communication. So much of it is done electronically now, even though for so long, face-to-face communication was the only game in town in terms of meeting potential dates. And we have so many different platforms at our disposal—Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, etc.—it’s so easy to be permanently wired-in and carrying out a dozen different conversations with a dozen people. Personally, I think those things put together have altered the understandings behind communication and commitment. It’s not that people can’t form meaningful relationships anymore, but the ways we try and initiate them are so much more accessible and ill-defined now. The rules and norms of social interaction changed practically overnight, and we’re left playing catch-up against each other’s interpretations of how those rules apply. So to tie it all together, “What Are We” tries to capture an example of that, and the frustration one might experience in a relationship where neither person’s interests are squared correctly.

There’s no easy cure for this, certainly, but I guess I would recommend that people be more open with each other and set clear expectations up front. Talk about what each person wants out of the relationship. I believe that’s possible without taking the magic or the “chase” out of the dating game.

What Are We” has somewhat of an 80’s feel to it. If there was one thing you could bring back from the 80’s, what would it be?

Mike C. — We would bring back synth-driven music. Although there are still synth-driven songs that exist in modern music, it feels like most songs aren’t as reliant on synths anymore.

What Are We by Sub-Radio

Sub-Radio’s brand new single, “What Are We”, available everywhere now! Follow us on Spotify: Sub-Radio Social Media:

Say you could make up your own dream tour for Sub-Radio. Who would you tour with and where would you go to play?

John — Well, we all got to see WALK THE MOON play on the first stop of their new tour just a month ago, and I think my bandmates would agree that’s a tour we would have been ecstatic to play, if we had the chance. They’re one of our favorite bands.

What is one thing you plan to improve within the band this year?

Mike C. — As a group, we would like to continue to improve our live performance. We have recently started playing around with back tracks and might start utilizing those in some of our live performances soon.

One last question. Say you finish this interview and step outside and find a winning lottery ticket for $10 million dollars. What’s the first thing you would do with the money?

John — I would buy a house for the whole band to live together in/practice in, and outfit it with all the best musical gear money can buy!

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