Show Review: Palisades in support of “Immersion Part One Tour”

New Jersey’s post-hardcore quintet Palisades have spent the majority of 2018 reclaiming their spotlight on the stage with extensive touring, giving the band’s name a new meaning with each performance. Judging by how often the band is on the road, it seems that the five guys can’t get enough of their fans, which are multiplying with every show that I attend. This time around, Palisades appeared in Columbus at the Express Live! venue in support of Starset for the “Immersion Part One Tour.”


Wrapping up the last show of the tour, Palisades took hold of the stage in front of a sold out crowd. Each member wore a whole new confidence throughout their set, showing how much the band has matured in their performance just in the past year. If I hadn’t known any better, I would’ve guessed that Palisades were the headlining performance judging by the reactions from the room full of fans packed like sardines. The band performed fan favorites including “Come Over and Watch Netflix,” “Through Hell,” “Personal,” and many more, topping it off with one of their leading tracks “Let Down.”


All photos taken by Lynn Crochet

Whether it’s due to the extensive touring since their latest self-title release or if the band has been rehearsing endlessly while off stage, Palisades have shown their true potential with this last show. Guitarists Matt Marshall and Xavier Adames showed off their choreography, moving around constantly and interacting more with the crowd. Front-man Lou Miceli portrayed so much more emotion in the lyrics with this performance, which revealed a captivating stage presence. Palisades have built themselves an impressive reputation with their excellent live vocals and instrumentals – and now they’ve set the standards even higher bringing a whole new ego to their set.

All photos taken by Lynn Crochet


The band will be hitting the road yet again, this time in support of Jonathan Davis, starting April 6th. If you missed out on Palisades this last round, I strongly suggest that you get on board and meet the guys for an outstanding live performance. You can check out the links below to follow Palisades and stay up-to-date with their oncoming adventures and check if the guys will be coming to a city near you:


Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | iTunes | Spotify | YouTube | Amazon | Google Play


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