This Curse Announce New EP ‘From The Darkest of Places’ & Debut New Track

Photo Credit: Joe Flannery

New Jersey based alternative metalcore band This Curse have announced their new EP, From The Darkest of Places, will be released on April 13th. The band have also premiered the records title track, “From The Darkest of Places”.

“This track is about the cynicism that comes from growing up. We’ve always been the kind of band that kept our head down and focused on our goals, but it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the negativity that surrounds us when you’re involved with so many different people and personalities.” – Ethan Kennedy (vocals)

As witnessed by the lead track, This Curse’s upcoming record is a post-hardcore awakening that finds a unique balance with heavy riffs, melody and cacophonic vocals, and further expands the bands breadth as musicians and songwriters.

We walked into this album with the intention of doing something different than what we’ve done before. We had a bunch of different ideas on the table, so we decided to just write way more material than we ever have before and see where it took us. There were certain songs that stuck out very early on (“Trauma Bond” and “Usurper”) that helped steer us in a direction as we progressed in the writing process. After roughly 30 songs written, we were left with some tracks that were more comparative to what we may have done in the past and others that had a whole different vibe to them. We went with the songs that fit the latter.” – Joey Galletta (vocals/guitar)

The new record, From The Darkest of Places, was recorded with Ricky Armellino (This or the Apocalypse) and mixed/mastered by Andreas Magnusson (Fit For A King, Haste The Day, The Black Dahlia Murder).

This Curse – “From the Darkest of Places” (Official Audio)

SPOTIFY: APPLE MUSIC: — “From the Darkest of Places” from our new album ‘From the Darkest of Places’ — FOLLOW US Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: Apple Music: Merch: — LYRICS I’m fucking broke I’ve waited my whole life But will I be repaid for

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