Show Review: Slave’s “The Beautiful Death Tour”

Sacramento’s post-hardcore outfit Slaves have just wrapped up their headlining tour in celebration of their latest album Beautiful Death, with the support of Ghost Town, Dayshell, and Kyle Lucas. I got the chance to experience the band live for the first time on March 1st at the Rockstar Pro Arena in Dayton, OH.


The trio opened with a fan favorite, “My Soul Is Empty And Full Of White Girls,” to a room packed wall-to-wall of fans cheering before they even took the stage. The performance was kicked off with a great start, using slow and melodic keys from the piano. There was an instant thrill as soon as members Colin Vieira (bass) and Weston Richmond (guitar) broke down with heavy riffs. Front-man Johnny Craig had the fans mesmerized from the moment he started singing, fueling the room with an intense energy throughout the entire set.

It was evident that Johnny was experiencing some discomfort, occasionally massaging his jaw or picking at his teeth. He explained to his fans that he was having some difficulty after just having dental surgery. Despite being uncomfortable (and probably in pain), the singer did a fantastic job of keeping the crowd going and managing an excellent stage presence, all without missing a single not and gesturing the emotion along with the lyrics. The band performed songs from their newest album, a few of my personal favorites including “True Colors” and “Patience is the Virtue,” where Johnny’s vocals and Weston’s guitar skills really shined. The band ended the night with two encores “I’d Rather See Your Star Explode” and “The Fire Down Below,” still leaving the crowd itching for more.


If you’re a fan of Slave’s newest album Beautiful Death, you’ll love the band even more experiencing their performance live. Check out the links below and be sure to follow the band to stay up-to-date on the trio’s oncoming adventures:


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