Album Review: Black Foxxes – Reidi


From track 1, Reidi has a bit of magic in it; a special touch that sets it apart from other rock bands. Black Foxxes have crafted a wonderful sound that is full, dynamic and that lends itself well to storytelling. It is a cohesive album with music that lives and breathes, rather than a hodgepodge assortment of chords and guitar solos that don’t fit with the vocals. It is an orchestration that makes the most of advanced technology and traditional instrumentation.

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Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Spinefarm Records
Release: March 16, 2018
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Black Foxxes forgo the usual dramatic entrance on the first track that so many bands go for these days in favor of some light strumming in the aptly named “breathe”, and it’s wonderfully refreshing. It’s great to hear bands that aren’t afraid to twist the envelope to really make their point about a record. So many bands miss this, but Reiði is a work of art, not just an album. Vocalist Mark Holley is pouring his heart out through his mic all over this album. Each song fits like a puzzle piece with the last one, so it almost never feels uninteresting to listen to. Black Foxxes indie-rock style (with some flare)­ makes Reiði an easy re-listen as well.

Black Foxxes – Manic In Me

“Manic In Me” taken from the new album reiði, out now LYRICS We were dancing again, Like we’re empty bodies I wonder if you felt the same, My bones are your body I’ve gotta get get I’ve gotta get get Out of here My reflection was starting to change





With its roots in rock and its style in the clouds, Reiði creates a nostalgic blend of old school rock sound with fresh new musical ideas and takes that make the record unique. Black Foxxes nail dynamics, intonation, composition and lyricism almost perfectly here, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of their story. Song-to-song, the record feels musically cohesive and does not move from style to style in an attempt to cover their bases. Instead Black Foxxes work on making their ambient-rock sound as technically tight and expressive as possible.

Black Foxxes – Sæla

“Sæla” taken from the new album reiði, out now LYRICS Being pushed out the door by you Prisoned by the walls in my room God, I need to move out soon Its why I feel so young Dreaming of an island with you Hollow out a forrest of youth



Reiði boils down to this: It is an impressive album. It is not impressive because the band played a thousand notes a second, or it had some crazy mastering done to it, Reiði is impressive for it’s composition and cohesiveness. You would struggle to find a band that can compose as well as Black Foxxes did here. Pick this album up tomorrow, you will NOT regret it!

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