Sweden-based synthpop artist Violet Days have shared their new single, “Somber” and accompanying video with the world. The single features morgxn on guest vocals, adding a special component to the song. “Somber” is just one of the dreamy ballads that will be on their upcoming EP – Made in My Head – which they lovingly dub “alternative pop stories from Sweden,” which debuts this summer.

Violet Days, (who are lead vocalist Lina Hanson and her production partner Kris Erikkson), early releases have racked up millions of plays on Spotify, with their first single, “Your Girl,” hitting over 13 million streams on that platform alone. Their official songwriting and production credits include collabs with Phoebe Ryan, Cash Cash, Shaun Frank and The Chainsmokers, whose hit song “Paris” they co-wrote.

“‘Somber’ is about meeting someone that you know is right for you and don´t wanna be without, but you’re questioning if it´s the right timing for it or not, and if you´re really ready.” — Lina Hanso