Gatherers Premiere New Single “The Floorboards Are Breathing”

New Jersey rock band Gatherers have shared their visceral new single, “The Floorboards Are Breathing”. The track, which was inspired by the 2007 documentary One Minute To Nine, is available for streaming and purchase now.

‘The Floorboards Are Breathing’ was one of the earlier songs we began to play around with when we started writing this record. The lyrics and imagery came about one night after watching a documentary titled “Every Fucking Day of My Life”; a film that  recounts the experiences of a mother and her sons after surviving years of horrifying domestic abuse,” recalls Anthony Gesa. “I knew early on that I wanted to write lyrics from the perspective of the walls in their house. It was an effort to explore an idea that felt way more real and human albeit emotionally dreadful. It’s one of the ugliest songs on the record, thematically speaking.

Gatherers “The Floorboards Are Breathing”

“The Floorboards Are Breathing” is from Gatherers’ upcoming album, We Are Alive Beyond Repair. Pre-order or stream now at Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Lyrics: You pulled the hammer from the cupboard In the Sunday best you’d wear.

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