Kid Picked Last Releases Debut Single “Meant for More”

Derek Ausseresses, an Arizona native who makes music under the name Kid Picked Last, has premiered his debut single “Meant for More”. The pop-punk/EZcore tune was co-produced by Nick Ingram and Oshie Bichar (Beartooth, City Lights), the latter of which contributed guitar to the track. Ausseresses penned the lyrics after being burned by someone he trusted and considered a close friend. Instead of letting the situation get him down, he used it as motivation to better himself because doing well can sometimes be the best “F you.”

“‘Meant for More’ is a song about overcoming,” says Ausseresses. “It’s the proverbial proving ground in the face of those that have doubted you and tried to tear you down. It’s an anthem to sing in the faces of those people that said you couldn’t do something.”

Kid Picked Last – Meant For More

Title track from my solo EP “Meant For More. Recorded at Capital House Records by Nick Ingram. Written and produced by Derek Ausseresses and Oshie Bichar. Recorded at Capitol House Studio by Nick Ingram.

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