Patient Sixty Seven – Four Walls EP Review

Metalcore is a genre where its easy to get lost within the noise of the many bands vying for your attention. If you don’t do anything to separate yourself or stand out its easy to get lost in that noise. Patient Sixty-Seven are a metalcore outfit from Perth, Australia and they are here to show you why they are deserving of your attention. While they may not be changing the game or reinventing the wheel, there is plenty to enjoy about the Perth based metalcore act.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: Independent
Release: March 2nd, 2018
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Blistering riffs, hard-hitting breakdowns and soaring choruses are just one of the few things you can expect from the bands sophomore EP. The screaming on the EP is solid throughout and helps cement the bands heavy sound throughout. The screams range from raspy mids to bellowing lows and never let up. The singing on the album is a nice contrast to the heavy and help each chorus soar and keep the listener hooked. This is evident on the bands first single from the EP “Before You Go.” The song has one of the catchiest choruses on the EP and features some of the bands best breakdowns.

Patient Sixty-Seven – Before You Go [Official Music Video]

From our new EP – “Four Walls” – available NOW — iTunes: SPOTIFY: BANDCAMP: — FOLLOW US: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: Big Cartel: — We’re proud to present you with our latest single, ‘Before You Go’ from our new EP.

Another standout of the EP is the song “The Void.” The song is a blistering track and features The Bad Chapter/Attack Attack vocalist Phil Druyor. The feature is nothing short of outstanding and see’s Druyor belting out a honey-dripped chorus that is sure to keep listeners hooked. Production on the album is nothing short of solid. The riffs and breakdowns are crisp, the vocals are smooth as butter and the great production by Cory Brunnemann helps elevate the band above many of their peers

Overall while the EP isn’t breaking any new ground it ends up being a solid metalcore release. Blistering riffs, brutal breakdowns and crisp production allow the band to make a name for themselves and find a place amongst the noise and crowded nature of the metalcore genre. .Be sure to pick up the EP this Friday March 2nd via iTunes or Bandcamp!

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