Album Review: Milestones UK – Red Lights

If one had to pick a genre of music that could for all intents and purposes rule the world, one would have to pick pop. It’s a genre which is prevalent on any and all music charts, finds its way into genres of a different nature, and one which multitudes of people from many different walks of life all share a like and passion for. This can make it hard for a band or artist to stand out amongst the crop. You have to develop your own formula and approach to the genre to attain even a remote level of being unique. It doesn’t hurt when you have an album which is highly anticipated amongst underground and mainstream fans alike, and that’s just one thing that Milestones UK has going for them with their upcoming album entitled, Red Lights. After their EP, Equal Measures, they had the masses hooked and many were anticipating what was next for the UK group. The wait will soon be over.

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Genre: Alternative Rock | Pop Rock
Label: Fearless Records
Release: February 23, 2018
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Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

The album begins with the single, “BitterSweetHeart”. A fun and catchy little ditty, with a chorus that just begs to be sung along with. The track features an alternative overall sound, with tinges of pop that even unknowingly lead your feet to tap, and hands wanting to clap together. When releasing a pop rock album, you want to have the listeners hooked with the first song. It’s clear that Milestones UK had this track carefully placed.

Milestones – BitterSweetHeart (Official Lyric Video)

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Red Lights’ out February 23rd.

“Once Upon A Time” is probably one of the catchiest songs on the entire album. The whole song has a live feel and sound to it. Almost as if you could close your eyes, and picture the band playing right in front of you (The group chants, and what sounds like a crowd cheering during on of the bridges could lend a hand to that). Vocalist Matt Clarke truly shines on this song whether it be his softer croon during the first verse, or his soaring highs during the choruses.

“Paranoid” was the initial single released off the album, and a great introduction to the groups debut album. The song has more of a rock’n’roll feel to it, setting it apart from the dancey pop rock on most of the rest of the album. You’ll be too busy jumping to tap your feet on the ground with this track.

Milestones – Paranoid (Official Music Video)

Taken from the new album ‘Red Lights’ out now.

A pop album would be nothing without some emotional pieces that tug at the heartstrings, and luckily Milestones UK have done that right with more than a couple songs on Red Lights. “Hold On” is that lyrical poem to the one you love letting them know you won’t give up, and that you’ll always be here with nothing but love. “Counting Cars” is almost the echo to that song seemingly speaking to that point we all get to when our hearts been broken; you truly never did want to give up but with the more time that goes on without the one you adore the most, how easy can it be to keep that drive going? It tears you up, but even though you don’t want to believe it, you realize you just have to.

Just as important as the opening track on a pop rock album, is the closer. You want it to be catchy, flow perfectly, have sing-a-long hooks, and above all be memorable. “Forever Or Never” has all of this in spades. It’s one of the slower songs on the album, yet that doesn’t even remotely take away from the impact that it leaves as Red Lights final song.

Pop is quite the oversaturated genre as previously stated. A group has to work especially hard when coming up with what’s next, and Milestones UK have truly thought out every moment of Red Lights to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the static. The album has no lack of fun, catchy, and above all, memorable moments from beginning to end. This is an album that could absolutely bring a previously lesser known group to the masses, so that more can enjoy and join in on everyone else singing along.

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