SEASONS Release New Video for “Getaway”

Bedfordshire based rock quintet SEASONS have just released a brand new video for “Getaway”, the first taste of their upcoming new EP.  Resplendent with punchy riffs, sing-a-long melodies and a whole heap of sincerity, this is a track meant to send a message loud and clear!

You can watch “Getaway” below and guitarist Steve Watts explains the meaning behind the track:

The idea of our 3rd EP is basically to create songs that are relatable and easy for people to form connections with, no matter their age or situation. The first single, ‘Getaway’ is written about a subject that almost everyone has experienced or witnessed in their life – bullying. It’s a real “middle finger” to any bullies out there who are trying to make someone else’s life hard.

I feel like the song could give someone the strength or empower them to fight back against whoever it is that is making their life miserable. The message is very clear, “I will not be broken”, and all of us in the band can relate to that from our own experiences in school and growing up in this digital age. We just really want people to know that they’re not alone!

SEASONS – Getaway (Official Video)

SEASONS – GETAWAY Available in all online stores from 23rd February! Brand new single taken from the new EP ‘Chapters’, to be released on the 28th of April.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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