Sparrow Announce New EP ‘Digital People’ + Unleash New Song “Red”

Perth metal outfit Sparrow have announced their new EP, Digital People will be set free in the digital and real world on Friday, April 6th. The five-track EP has influences from early 90’s Marilyn Manson to modern Motionless In White with heavy, industrial overtones and a new edge. The band also dropped their new single, “Red” along with the official video which is a stunning hybrid of Gorillaz-style animation and video and effects.

Vocalist Sean Hendry says of the song’s lyrics – “I wrote the lyrics to “Red” winding down on the couch after a massive night out. One of those late-night news breaks came up about the lottery for a one-way ticket to Mars in 2020 where 24 to 40 candidates would be picked to basically inhabit Mars for the rest of their lives. Anyone could apply by submitting a 30 second video explaining why they should be chosen. It would be a new society, with new laws. I wondered what kind of people would apply for this what kind of psychological testing they’d need to get through to be chosen. The song is basically the story of one such person.”

Sparrow – Red [Official Music Video]

Instagram – @sparrowbandaus Facebook – The “Digital People” EP out now on iTunes/Google Play/Spotify. Video & Editing by DarKSpiritPhotography Animation by Eklipse Media My thoughts are entertaining I drive starships instead of cars like an angel interceptor a space fertiliser I’ve got a ticket to a tragic ending they say its a good time come with me to a new beginning a place among the dead stars I’m ready to go, are you ready to go?

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