EP Review: Thornhill – Butterfly

Thornhill are yet another additional to the every promising heavy Australian music scene. Drawing influence from the likes of Karnivool and Tool while combining both heavy and melodic elements, the band dropped an incredibly catch debut EP that caught the eye of many. Now, with one release under their belt and the recent signing announcement to darling label UNFD, the band are back with their new EP Butterfly, which not only serves as a continuation of what was ever present on 13, but also as a level of progression that has become increasingly synonymous with Australian musicians.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: UNFD
Release: February 16, 2018
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: Pick Your Platform

The easiest way to sum of Butterfly is with one simple word: chaotic. Thornhill are all over the place on the EP, but it’s done in the best of ways as they don’t allow themselves to be pigeon holed into a particular sound and instead showcase that diversity of influences. The EP opener, “Sunflower”, sees the band delve into their more melodic side with an incredible chorus backed by crunchy riffs while the likes of “Lavender” shows the aggression unleashed, throwing down smashing riffs and a brutal screams. Throughout the whole of the EP, vocalist Jacob Charlton transitions beautifully between crooning choruses to harsher, aggressive vocals and the aforementioned tracks are exemplary highlights of his talent. On the instrumental side, the band keeps things tight and intricate, while also creatively varying from progressive riffs to hard hitting breakdowns. Every member of the band shines on the EP and shows immense amount of talent beyond the bands relatively young age.

Thornhill – Reptile

Welcome Thornhill to UNFD!

When it comes to the Australian heavy music scene, it’s honestly more of a surprise when a band doesn’t deliver. That’s why it’s not surprising that Thornhill was picked up by a fantastic label that will not only help them hone their immense talent into something even better, but also once again, deliver an incredible release. Butterfly is brief in the time that listeners will spend with it, but it’s the exact type of metalcore that needs to be created — offering a fresh injection that provides aggression and melody wrapped into a nice, neat package that treads different territories with ease and leaves fans aching for more.


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