EP Review: MOTHER – Remnants Of A Wasted Dream

While labels are an easy way to describe an artist to others, it’s not always the truest form of what musicians actually are created and delivering. Oxford based indie rock four-piece Mother are one such band that is somewhat easy to label, but really don’t fit in a singular genre. With influences ranging from acts like Radiohead, Bob Dylan and Foals, the influence is vast and it was apparent with the successful release of their debut single, “Petrichor”. Now, the band has released their debut EP Remnants of a Wasted Dream and much like their own sound, it too offers a diverse and structured sound.

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Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Independent
Release: February 9, 2018
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Referring to the awareness that your dream could have provided a useful subconscious insight into your state of mind, Remnants of a Wasted Dream depicts the content represented throughout the five tracks that make it up. Each song carves out its own identity and maintains a difference in sound that allows the listener to stay engaged as one song transitions into another. Vocalist Josh Alden is able to keep listeners attention with his crooning vocals and catchy choruses. Each member of the band more than adequately fills their role well and is able to the keep the listener captivated which is becoming an increasingly tall ask with listeners attention span growing shorter and shorter. Song opener and debut single “Petrichor” is a great start of the EP. It gives the listeners a taste of what to expect, with solid production, catchy hooks, and creative guitars. Mother keep up the more frentic, upbeat edginess with “Potent Prophecy” before appropriately crafting a more dreamy, mysterious aura befitting of “The Saboteur”. As the final two tracks enter the fray, Mother show style shifts and offer unique takes on the overall genre, leaving listeners with a soothing, lasting impression.

MOTHER – Petrichor (Official Video)

MOTHER – Petrichor (Official Video) Follow MOTHER: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motherox4 Twitter: https://twitter.com/motherox4 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motherox4 Video by PurpleYam Productions http://purpleyam.co.uk/ http://vevo.ly/r3mnWd

Overall Remnants of a Wasted Dream is a solid indie rock album that is emotional, creative and catchy, offering something unique on each track that highlights their influences while staying true to the sound they wanted to create. While fans of the genre will be sure to find things that draw them towards Mother, it’s this varied sound that spans so many artists and styles that presents the opportunity to draw in outsiders — and it definitely worked on us.



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