Album Review: Pianos Become The Teeth – Wait For Love

When most people think of the word ‘simple’, its correlation typically does not coincide with anything of real interest or excitement. One would only assume said simple ‘thing’ is boring in nature, or just something too plain. In actuality though, there are times when something can be created that truly is amazingly complex in its own right based on its simplistic nature. Sometimes simplicity is what makes something so beautiful. Pianos Become the Teeth have done just that with their forthcoming release entitled, Wait For Love. To create the perfect album you must have the perfect setting (whether that setting be to put you in a comfortable ease, or get you out of your normal state and inspire an out-of-the-box take on everything), and the group found this in a cabin in Maryland. Set apart from the world, Pianos Become The Teeth were able to hone their focus and compose an incredible amount of songs for what would be Wait For Love. Vocalist Kyle Durfey was not able to attened many of these sessions due to the personal matter of he and his wife bringing their first child into the world (which only contributed to the inspiration for the record), but it gave him the opportunity to ultimately take his time in finding the perfect way in which to approach the new songs. This new process the band had taken has seemed to paid off in wondrous ways as Wait For Love is the bands most heartfelt and beautiful release yet.

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Genre: Emo | Indie Rock
Label: Epitaph Records
Release: February 16, 2018
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The album begins with “Fake Lighting”. An almost alternative-indie crossover, absolutely teeming with ambiance and effervescence. David Haik’s drumming positively soars over atmospheric sampling, and coupled with Kyle Durfey’s soothing croons which ascends and wanes in such harmony, it all culminates in something so incredibly stunning for the ear drums. This song, like all others on the record, are about love. The one chorus reads: ‘So go confess something dire and nothing less, then hold your breath. So hang your head, this language like acid in your chest, we wait for love. It’s getting so late.’ What one could take from this is the individual in this story has been holding something very close to their chest. Something that’s been basically eating him up inside and needs to get out, but perhaps he’s been so hush on the matter due to the fear of the other not feeling the same. A notion that many can relate to. We all wait for love in some shape or form, at different points in our lives.

“Bitter Red” is a song which the sound, the words, and even the music video combined tend to fill one up with a sense of urgent and unbridled happiness, and yes even love. The verse consists of single strummed chords whose ringing almost instill a sense of hope you can feel in your heart. Kyle Durfey’s voice almost blends in, yet stands out so exquisitely it’s almost bewitching. Consistently amazing drumming almost seems to be an underlying theme throughout each and every song on this album, because once again David Haik’s rolling and rhythmic drumming commands to be noticed without detracting in any shape or form from the rest of the song. The lyrics read as if they were a love song. An ode to the one that’s graced your life in such an astounding way, it’s almost unbelievable.

Pianos Become The Teeth – “Bitter Red”

Listen to the full album: “Bitter Red” by Pianos Become The Teeth from the album ‘Wait For Love,’ available now Order at Director: Michael Parks Randa | Starring: Madeline Rhodes and Nataysha Echevarria DP: Eric Teti Producer: Jake Sharpless AC: Tyler Pakstis Gaffer: Jack O’Brien Production Assistant: Aroa Calleja Cuesta Editor: Michael Parks Randa Colorist: Rob Bessette Makeup Artist: Aroa Calleja Cuesta, Mariella Dawn Special thanks to Bliss in the Barn | Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr:

“Forever Sound” is one of the songs which presents its delivery in a more somber manner. Slow, haunting notes strummed over a soft and continuous drum roll. Kyle Durfey’s tone of voice taking on a much more hushed tone as if to convey a subtle sense of sadness or longing. The song slowly builds up with each verse to chorus, then after he second chorus there’s a small wave of harder and louder chords resulting in calm before the ending the storm. The bridge and final chorus ramp up the volume, leaving the final result with much more resounding impact, really sending the message home.

“Bloody Sweet” is a track which could have almost come from the Earth side of Thrice‘s The Alchemy Index. The offbeat rhythm of the drumming paired with the ever so slightly distorted guitars would have fit in quite well with that disc. If you were to close your eyes and picture it, you could almost hear Dustin Kensrue singing the same words. Now don’t mistake that for saying that this song is in any way a copycat or should be done by someone else, because that is not even close to the point. More of a song so well in its own, it could remind you of other rare times you’ve heard something so fantastically done. As per usual, Kyle Durfey’s singing is absolutely astounding, and his abilities glow and shine in such an incredulous way. The song rounds out with turned up guitars, bass, and splashing cymbals leaving the listener excited, and so happy that there’s more yet to come.

“Blue” is a funny song in which it almost makes you feel such a pure sense of joy and sadness all at once. In this track Durfey reflects on how his own sons life could play out over the years. The instrumentals are almost sparse in volume during the verse, but come through the speakers with a thunderous presence during the choruses which entirely captures the listeners attention. For any who have children or plan to one day, there’s always the wonder of how heir life will go, and what you hope for them to have and experience. Durfey chose to broach this subject in a hopeful tone which completely resonates with any new or hopeful parent. It’s an absolutely touching song, and the perfect way to close out such an emotional album.

Pianos Become The Teeth have been an ever changing, ever adaptable band. Never to be pigeonholed into any one distinctive sound or genre, they have always grown and progressed in a way that feels natural without being boring. Wait For Love is simply the next natural step for such a continuously evolving group, and even though the album tends to rely on it’s simplicity, it is always captivating and beautiful. The instrumentation throughout the entire album is stunningly alluring and so variegated that their straightforward styles are what gives them their amazing complexities. Durfey’s voice is absolutely perfect for such harmoniously delivered music, and his lyrics are as deep and poetic as ever. Wait For Love is possibly Pianos Become The Teeth‘s most stunning album yet, and thus will be repeated through speakers over and over, for some time to come.

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