Maverick Announce New EP ‘State of Mind’ + Drop New Single/Video “Longevity”

Sydney punk / hardcore outfit Maverick are a band that could not care less what you think and that’s why they will undoubtedly have longevity. Coincidentally, that’s the name of their new single which serves as the first taste of their new EP State of Mind, due out March 16th and today the band have dropped the song along with a new filmclip.

In a clip that probably had a lot of the neighbours’ heads turning to see what the ruckus was running down their street, the outfit (with a little help from their friends) run down a suburban Sydney street, roughing each other up, tumbling all over the joint and in what is surely a tribute to the prank shows of the 2000s (a la Jackass, The Dudesons, Bam Margera et al), the guys smash fluro lightbulbs, smash trolleys into each other tackle each other into objects and generally make some irreverent noise in the suburbs.

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