From Ashes To New Announce New Album ‘The Future’

US rock/rap outfit From Ashes To New have announced their new album, The Future, will be out April 20th via Better Noise Records / Eleven Seven Music. The band have also released their new single, “Crazy”, along with the accompanying lyric video.

Now revamped and recharged the band – now consisting of founder / rapper / programmer Matt Brandyberry and guitarist Lance Dowdle with new additions, vocalist Danny Case and drummer Mat Madiro – are ready to unleash new music to fans old and new.

“Pretty much anything that could go wrong to try and slow down the process and throw you a curveball happened during the last year since we came off the road, but we came out on the other side”, states Matt Brandyberry.

“I was in a very down mind frame because of what was happening with the other members leaving and the anxiety made it difficult to write at times but ultimately I found the right people to come together and we decided we were going to write the best music we possibly could and see where that took us.”

“Crazy” is a huge anthem for the people feeling caught in the middle of a situation and confused by it all.

“Crazy is, at its core, a song about someone or something driving you absolutely out of your mind and feeling unable to walk away from it. I feel like everyone at one point or another experiences that in their lives”, states Danny Case.

“For me personally, I dated someone for a very short period of time and it felt like everything I said and did was wrong. I honestly thought I was losing my mind because I knew it was a bad situation, but I just felt like I couldn’t walk away. I think having that life experience really helped when we sat down and wrote the lyrics.”

From Ashes To New – Crazy (Lyric Video)

Official lyric video for ‘Crazy’ by From Ashes To New off their new album ‘ The Future’! Buy / Stream ‘The Future’ – Follow From Ashes To New on Spotify: Follow From Ashes To New: Spotify: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: From Ashes To New – Crazy (Lyrics): Am I going crazy?

What Are Your Thoughts!

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