Greyhaven Sign to Graphic Nature / Equal Vision + Announce New Album ‘Empty Black’

Kentucky progressive metal outfit Greyhaven have announced their signing to Graphic Nature / Equal Vision Records and will release their sophomore album, Empty Black, on March 16th. The band have also debuted their new single, “Echo and Dust – Pt. 1”, alongside the official video for the track.

“Echo and Dust – Pt. 1” is an explosive piece of heavy rock that incorporates a myriad of influences. It’s impactful, driving energy is infectious and the underlying ethereal tones set the stage for the band’s abrasive compositions in a manner that positions Greyhaven as torchbearers in the resurgence of progressive metal. The visual that the band has created to accompany “Echo and Dust – Pt. 1” ties closely to the overall theme of struggle that is prevalent on Empty Black. It is largely a multimedia art project that speaks to the chaos of the world we live in – both on a larger scale and more intimately in our day-to-day life.

Empty Black is best encapsulated by one phrase – “make the accident look like it was on purpose”.  This isn’t due to a lack of intent, but more so to a commitment to experimentation. As a product of the vibrant yet insular music scene in Louisville, Kentucky, Greyhaven has never been afraid to pursue the avant-garde. On Empty Black they’ve created an album that is pristinely violent while challenging the norms associated with heavy rock music.

Greyhaven “Echo and Dust Pt. I”

“Echo and Dust Pt. 1” is from Greyhaven’s upcoming album ‘Empty ‘Black’.

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