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It is truly astounding how multifaceted a particular artist or group can be. As if before releasing their album, they gathered in the studio, and decided to play a type of musical lottery; pulling cut up pieces of paper with different genres and sub-genres written on them out of a hat, then piecing it all together to make some songs. Now, some fumble and folly at such an endeavor, while others flourish in a way that’s near flummoxing. It is very easy to make a mistake or slip up when attempting to be so bold with such experimentation, but Don Broco proves to the world again and again that is this a formula in which they have seemingly helped to (re)invent. From each single or EP to each album, the group retains a dance-y English charm while never failing to mix and mash it up with another fantastic genus. With their upcoming release entitled Technology, the UK boys have pulled it off yet again. Technology oozes feel good, dance-y vibes all the while adding a certain edge to the overall album, making it their heaviest album yet.

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Release: February 2, 2018
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Kicking off the record is the title track, “Technology”. The tune begins with a rhythmic mix of electronic and natural drumming, and swiftly smacks ya in the face with a heavy hitting set of guitars and bass. The song overall has a heavier alternative rock feel to it, a sound which harkens back to their debut album days, and one which they do oh so well. Lyrically the song broaches on a subject in which we’ve all had experience; the worlds disgustingly over usage of any shape or form of technological devices and the social media addiction that follows suit. The friends whom you can’t have a face to face conversation with due to their noses being buried in their cellphones. The ones editing the ever living hell out of their Instagram and Snapchat posts of their selfies at the gym. The world has become obsessed with such things, and this song is a clear message that it’s become too much.

Don Broco – Technology

Technology, taken from the album Technology out 2 | 2 | 18.

“Come Out To LA” is a much more danceable tune throughout the verses and bridge, while retaining an almost headbang-esque element in the chorus. The song seems to be a parody on the dream of going out to LA LA Land and hitting it big. You have to shake the hands, smile for the cameras, wear this, go there…basically play the part to become the part, and the addiction to the fame that can manifest as a result. As much as that can sound silly to some, it is the fantasy of many, and if some of them aren’t careful said fantasy could break them. This song though, has an extremely fun way of poking fun at such a sentiment. The track also has what is possibly one of the most entertaining Don Broco music videos. EVER.


COME OUT TO LA from the new album TECHNOLOGY LYRICS Come out to LA Write a few songs Maybe you could stay Stay in Hollywood Come out to LA There’s people you should meet There’s hands you should shake Down in Hollywood It’s my call to the faithful You’re

Vocalist Rob Damiani has such an incredible way of displaying his falsetto abilities, regardless of normally having such a deep toned voice. “The Blues” showcases this amazing talent splendidly. Mainly throughout the verses, Damiani hits those higher notes (which he is no stranger to) with such ease it’s basically beautiful. The song uses quite a few electronic elements, but this only adds to the song as opposed to taking over it. And with lyrics such as “…I wasn’t gonna weigh in, grill ya like BBQ”, you just can’t help but crack a smile even though the overall theme of the song has much sadder undertones. No one likes being a second hand friend, constantly being put on the back burner. This song expresses that all while keeping to their wonderfully dance-rock modus operandi.

‘I GOT A FEVER AND THE ONLY PRESCRIPTION IS MORE COWBELL!’ Well Christopher Walken, playing Bruce Dickinson, your prayers have been answered. “Greatness” starts out with a wondrous onslaught of cowbell and guitars so electrifying you feel it throughout your spine. Almost more present than any of the lyrics in the verse is an ‘OWW’ from the vocal chords of Damiani that’s almost reminiscent of The Rolling Stone’s Mick Jagger. In actuality the whole track has an It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll era feel to it, just with a bit more edge and a lot more cussing. ‘Give me fuckin’ greatness. Or give me nothing at all. Give me what I came for. Or give me nothing at all.’ Don Broco has delivered themselves what they’ve asked for in this song.

“Got To Be You” is a beyond stellar track. It’s strewn with hauntingly beautiful echoing guitars throughout the verse which lead into an airy sounding, harmonious chorus. Both Damiani’s voice and the groups instrumentation are barely matched as greatly anywhere else on Technology (they are mind you, there’s just something about the way they blend so seamlessly on this song specifically). The song speaks to that special ONE that no matter what you just have to have all to yourself no matter the cost. It feels as if the group took extra time in finding the perfect tones to pair with the perfect words. Well done boys.

There’s so many reasons to love the closing track “Potty Mouth”, one of which (obviously) is the fucking name (see what I did there?)!! This song’s sound will appeal mostly to the crowd of Don Broco fans who dig more of the group’s rock roots. One of the heavier songs off the album, which if you think about it matches perfectly with the title, the song touches on the subject of censorship within the music industry. An issue that has plagued and frustrated musicians and fans alike since the dawn of musics beginnings. But fret not folks, much like the title implies, this song has no lacking of what some would refer to as sensitive material. Although the subject matter is nothing new, bands have been singing about their distaste on the matter for ages, this song still feels like a fresh take on it all.

Don Broco truly are no strangers to the concept of experimentation. Whether it’s a dancier tune you could shake your ass to, or something with a bit more bite for the pit they’ve blended genres with grace and ease. Technology is definitively their heaviest effort to date and yet potentially one they’ve taken the most risks on. But that’s what Don Broco does, and in such a fantastically brazen manner. The group has always seemed to be a no bullshit, no fear kind of bunch and it just works for them so well. Tracking in at an about an hour, Technology is their longest effort yet and in a day of 30 minute, 10 song releases it is MORE than welcome. It doesn’t hurt that there isn’t one boring song on the entire album. Technology is truly beyond reproach. The album is one banger after the other, and will leave none disappointed and is definitively Don Broco‘s best album yet.

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