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Post-Hardcore infused alternative group, Serious Matters released their EP, “Through it All” at the beginning of this month. The band kindly sat down to do an exclusive track by track of every song on the album to share with fans. In this track by track fans can expect to read about the way the songs were created, the meaning hidden behind them, and more.

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Patterns: Patterns has a special place in our hearts. People pass though your life constantly, you meet new friends and lose old ones. As you get older you start to see patterns in the way people act. You also start to see a pattern in the way you conduct yourself socially whether it’s positive or negative.

Serious Matters – Patterns (Official Music Video)

Through It All EP Available Now!. iTunes: Apple Music: Song: Patterns Album: Through It All Producer: Shane Kelley Label: Manic Kat Records Lyrics: Embrace, these patterns never change It’s too late, you won’t be saving me Can’t let you see what I’m going through Forever changing mood, I’ll disengage with you.

Colors: This track is extremely personal to me, I’ve been surrounded by addiction all my life whether it be vices or substances. Writing has been a serious coping mechanism to help with emotional pain. This track is truly about wasting away due to one’s personal pick of poison and making sure that you always have it regardless of the consequences.

Chasing Sunlight: Chasing Sunlight is about introspection and finding solace in one’s self. When you reflect on the past, you have a much clearer view of your life than you did in the moment. Depression and anxiety side track from what really matters in life.

Through It All: Through It All is the title track of this EP and its meaning rings through all of the songs. It’s about coming to terms with being yourself. You don’t need to have social norms lock you into someone or something you don’t want to be. Once you let go of those restrictions you can do anything.

Waves: Waves is the last track on the album, but moving forward it actually seems to be the most important. Waves is about two topics, panic attacks and innocence lost. The world is made out to be one way, but once you hit a certain age, the curtain is pulled back and the carpet is pulled from under you. All you want to do is have someone take you home.

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