No matter how good the good times get, the bad times still bite. Creating a positive channel for the pent up aggression and bitterness left in the wake of each failure and betrayal is what the melodic hardcore scene is made for. Enter Savage Hands, delivering a feast of sincerity and spitefulness that will doubtless satisfy long-time fans of the genre and newcomers alike. With a bellyful of hardcore punk fury and just a touch of sinister dissonance, their forthcoming debut EP Barely Alive – out March 2nd via SharpTone Records – will be required listening in 2018 for all lovers of heavy music.

SharpTone Records commented on the signing: “The moment we heard Savage Hands we were instantly hooked. They have everything we love about music; great energy, impactful lyrics and anthemic melodies which stick with you for days!! ‘Barley Alive’ is a great introduction into the rock music landscape.”

And Mike Garrow from Savage Hands commented: “Ever since SharpTone became active as a label, the band as a whole was very excited to pursue a relationship which eventually led us to this point. SharpTone has an amazing team and we are very happy and proud to now be a part of the family. SharpTone has been very supportive in all our creative decisions, which is what we love the most. This type of music is who we are and something we all love. They understand that and back us 100%. We can’t thank them enough! Here’s to 2018!”

The band have also released their debut single, “Red”, along with the official music video. Album pre-orders are available here.

Mike Garrow from Savage Hands commented on the debut track:
“Red, it’s got a F**K this and F**K that type vibe. Not letting a “so called” loved one beat you down or constantly run your life into the ground. The funny thing about life is that when it’s beating down on you, you can decide when to pick yourself back up. Realisation and knowing what your worth is key. That’s what defines Red.”