Household Announce New Album ‘Everything A River Should Be’

With a new year ahead and a new label at their side, Minneapolis natives Household are thrilled to announce their forthcoming album Everything A River Should Be, out February 23rd, 2018 via Equal Vision Records. Fans can get a taste of the band’s sound by watching their new video “Don’t Listen To Me.” For more information or to pre-order the record, please visit:

“This is a pretty defining record for us,” admits vocalist/bassist Joshua Gilbert. “We’ve been a hardcore band for a while and this is our first transition into more of this rock/emo that we’re doing. Writing a record like this felt more true to who I am as an individual but also who our band is.”

As it turns out, Everything A River Should Be is a record that redefines who and what – and even why – the Minneapolis trio are. Anybody familiar with the music the band – vocalist and bassist Joshua Gilbert, drummer Matthew Anthony, and guitarist Nathanael Olsen – made before will immediately hear the shift in sound of these 11 songs. While the urgency and sincerity of the raw and visceral post-hardcore they began life making remains, Everything A River Should Be is a collection of dense, dark and brooding songs full of a tense, glowering atmosphere.

Household “Don’t Listen to Me”

“Don’t Listen to Me” is from Household’s sophomore album, ‘Everything A River Should Be’, out now! Buy/download/stream here: Follow Household: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Lyrics: Don’t listen to me if what I’m saying tends to be confusing, it’s not what I mean to be.

Lyrically, too, the album – which was recorded over the course of a month by Nate Washburn at Atlanta’s Glow In The Dark studios – marks a change in approach. Not only is this the first time the band have really had any production on a recording, but Gilbert says he has never written from the heart so much or presented so much of himself – and his emotions and fears and insecurities – within his songs.

“The songs touch on some close-to-home feelings for me,” he says. “It’s much more of a personal expression of my own emotions – it’s not so much a declarative thing, as some of our music has been in the past. It’s more personal and vulnerable in a lot of ways.”

What Are Your Thoughts!

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