Bleacher Days Release New Music Video for “Some Strain of You”

Boston-based pop punk band Bleacher Days have arrived with a new music video for their single “Some Strain of You”. The track comes from the bands new EP I Only Saw True Purpose (produced by Chris Piquette).

The EP as a whole is essentially chronicling the end of a 7 year relationship I was in,” says vocalist Wren Mohammed. “‘Some Strain Of You’ functions as the moment you realize future plans you may have envisioned with someone simply aren’t gonna go the way you planned all this time, while also working as a criticism for someone using substances (be it drugs, alcohol or even an over usage of escapism such as television or video games) to deal with those negative emotions, as well as criticizing your own naivety. Those things, though they may numb the pain, are simply not healthy for you in such large and frequent doses. You’ve got to rid yourself of bad habits for yourself, and no one else.

When asked about the video, Mohammed told Idobi “Honestly the video was kind of spontaneous. We hit up our boy Dan Fried (Just Fly Casual) and sent him the song, not really knowing what we wanted to do with it. He had the idea of shooting the gang in some cool spots. So we brainstormed and just went to some places around Massachusetts we thought we look cool on camera haha. It all worked out because we ended up going places where we all had some memories with certain people that we didn’t exactly want to think about, and we managed to make new memories through shooting the video. So like recording the EP itself, the experience was wicked cathartic. It’s a real good look into who we are as people and how interact with each other. Some of our friends even make some guest appearances in it!

Bleacher Days – Some Strain of You (Official Music Video)

The official music video for “Some Strain of You”, from our sophomore EP, “I Only Saw True Purpose”. Video Directed by Dan Fried, Just Fly Casual Productions. Song Co-written and Produced by Chris Piquette, No Boundaries Studios. Dancing in beach parking lots. Smoking till the sun came up.

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