Drones Announce New Album ‘Exiled’ + Release New Single/Video “Rorschach”

London-based Drones have announced their new album, Exiled, drops March 9th via Lockjaw Records and are showing another glimpse of their new direction in the rock-fuelled fury present on “Rorschach”. The song “was written as a slap in the face to those of us who ‘suffer’ from so-called ‘first world problems’,” explains vocalist Lois McDougall.“We have freedoms that others spend their lives fighting for, and it’s all too easy to forget that we live in a relatively protected and safe environment. The song is a simplistic attempt to adjust perspectives and the way people in our society perceive their every-day issues. We are the lucky ones, and to close our eyes to the suffering of refugees fleeing war or oppression is nothing less than selfish and savage. You have no more right to the freedoms which you have been handed than anyone else does.”

McDougall elaborates on the pertinent thoughts behind the record, “Exiled is a collection of songs that we began writing after being struck by the misery of the European refugee crisis. Some of the songs are written from the perspectives of fictional characters of those impacted by the crisis, and others of those who prefer to distance themselves from it. Millions of people are suffering every day and it’s a subject that should be kept at the forefront of all of our minds. Music is a great platform for personal connection. We’ve taken a subject that can so easily be viewed as a distant-seeming ‘world-issue’, and tried to make it more personal. In doing so, we hope that people may feel more compassion for the victims, and that those suffering may find an ounce of comfort in these songs. Exiled is dedicated to those fleeing any war-torn country.”

Drones – Rorschach (Official Music Video)

‘EXILED’ available now – http://drones.tmstor.es www.thisisdrones.com www.instagram.com/dronesuk www.facebook.com/dronesuk www.twitter.com/dronesuk Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/0GZkYbJkke2SkmdLdtuPUB LYRICS As we sit here writing poetry, the bullets tear through their skin This world is so sick, prescribe the medication Hang man and hide and seek, but they’re not playing games We read it every day and

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