The Weekly Drop: November 11 – 17

The halfway point of November is here and things will slowly start winding down as the year reaches its conclusion. Even still, there’s plenty to be excited for as this week sees strong debuts, long awaited follow-ups and a fantastic variety of music overall, leaving something for everyone. On with the weekly drop!

Released 11.15.17

Artist: Rebelle
Album: Hide EP
Genre: Grunge
Listen: Spotify

Released 11.17.17

Artist: Aly & AJ
Album: Ten Years EP
Genre: Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Barenaked Ladies
Album: Fake Nudes
Genre: Pop Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Chapel
Album: Sunday Brunch EP
Genre: Indie Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Cryptodira
Album: The Devil’s Despair
Genre: Progressive / Experimental Metal
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Dreamers Crime
Album: No Compromises
Genre: Hard Rock
Listen: Spotify

Album: Hold Your Love
Genre: Alternative / Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Eyes Over Sea
Album: Dreamwave
Genre: Progressive Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Ghost Atlas
Album: All Is In Sync, and There’s Nothing Left to Sing About
Genre: Alternative Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Home Above
Album: Indecision To Move
Genre: Pop Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: In Flames
Album: Down, Wicked & No Good EP
Genre: Modern Metal
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Jaden Smith
Album: SYRE
Genre: Hip Hop / R&B
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Of Allies
Album: Night Sky
Genre: Alternative Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Phinehas
Album: Dark Flag
Genre: Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Phoenix Calling
Album: Our Lost Hearts
Genre: Modern Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Saint Raymond
Album: A Light That Blinds EP
Genre: Indie Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Shy Beast
Album: Shy Beast EP
Genre: Indie Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Sia
Album: Everyday Is Christmas
Genre: Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Skillet
Album: Unleashed Beyond
Genre: Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Speaking With Ghosts
Album: Illuminated
Genre: Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: T-Pain
Album: Oblivion
Genre: Hip Hop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: The World Over
Album: Ventifact EP
Genre: Acoustic
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Tove Lo
Album: Blue Lips
Genre: Pop
Listen: Spotify

What Are Your Thoughts!

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