sittingthesummerout Release Message For The Anxious With “To Those Concerned”

Italian quintet sittingthesummerout have released the second single from their upcoming EP Brick and Mortar (out December 1st via Ghost Factory Records & Arts) with “To Those Concerned”, accompanied by the official video. The songs of Brick and Mortar cover themes of “rejection and deception, the obstacles we face in life, coming to terms with what goes on, and how to become a better person”, and Batista reveals that each track begins with the foundation of his lyrics and builds into vast soundscapes such as those found on the EP: “Thankfully my bandmates are all great and understand where I want to lead them to, and take the magic of creating the music from there.”

“To Those Concerned is a song about friendship, about worrying where you’re going with your life, and what those friends you hold dearest are doing with their’s – wondering what the roads you all take will do to your relationships – because everybody seems to drift apart eventually. It’s a thought I often struggle with, keeping me in my bed in the morning when even coffee, my savior most days, won’t do the trick,” reveals sittingthesummerout’s vocalist Samir Batista, of the band’s new video. With the assistance of good friend and co-director Edoardo Giacomelli, sittingthesummerout created a video which shows five players engaged in a poker game where pawns are being staked alongside regular poker chips. Acting as a metaphor for the rise and fall of friendships, displayed are “dirty tricks that lead to some people ending up winning, while others, overconfident, choose to stake everything they’ve built and lose it all instead.”

sittingthesummerout – To Those Concerned

sittingthesummerout – “To Those Concerned”, 5th track off the sophomore EP “Brick and Mortar”, out December 1st via Ghost Factory Records & Arts.

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