Like Moths to Flames Premiere New Track “From The Dust Returned”

Like Moths to Flames have premiered another track from their upcoming new album, Dark Divine, with “From The Dust Returned”. Talking on new track “From The Dust Returned” vocalist Chris Roetter says “We are super excited to share From The Dust Returned. It’s one of my favourite songs on the album. It keeps a lot of old elements of the band in tact while trying to tap into some of the stuff that really inspired us to play music when we were younger.”

Like Moths To Flames – From The Dust Returned

Purchase “Dark Divine” here: There’s nothing left of me for you I’ll get through like I always do Youʼll end up just as Iʼd expect Take for granted everything I had to give I’ve had enough Gave everything I had But it didn’t have the touch Cause it’s lost

What Are Your Thoughts!

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