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Movements has been a growing force in the alternative rock genre for about two years now, and they have not lost steam. Starting with their popular single “Protection” in 2015, the four-piece outfit started rapidly gaining notoriety, signing to the massive Fearless Records shortly after. Following their signing, Movements released a 6 track EP, Outgrown Things, that blew people away with its raw storytelling and powerful melodic riffs. Now, the band is back with their first full length album, that is sure to bring even more power and flavor than before.

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Genre: Alternative Rock | Post Hardcore | Emo
Label: Fearless Records
Release: October 20, 2017
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Feel Something is a relatable, beautiful album. It drips with emotion from edge to edge, and it’s the kind of emotion that everyone goes through, rather than over the top metaphor. The album stays down to earth, and in the present, and when you listen to it, you actually do feel something, proving that Movements has done their job here.

F L O W  /  L O N G E V I T Y  /  O R I G I N A L I T Y

This album isn’t just music, it’s a living breathing thing, which is always what a musician should strive for when writing a full length. It’s cohesive, but remains interesting throughout, keeping the attention of the listener all the way to the last track. Each track flows easily into the next with no wildly abrupt or unexpected changes in feel or genre. Movements display a freedom of energy that allows them to start a song full blast, because they are true to themselves and their writing style on this particular track.

While not wildly different from Outgrown Things, Feel Something is a good cap on their writing style up to this point, and from this point on they should continue to innovate their style so that they do not stagnate. One of the worst things they could do for themselves is to follow this album up with another one that sounds just like Feel Something, because their sound isn’t too far out from other bands in the genre. Movements‘ music should continue to grow and change, while still maintaining that inner energy and style they’ve built their foundation upon.

V O C A L S  /  I N S T R U M E N T A T I O N

Track three and lead single, “Colorblind”, is a great example of how powerful Patrick Miranda’s voice is. His voice is not only range and powerful uncleans, but also full of lyricism. It is raw and down to earth in all aspects, and this is what connects the listener to the music. The vocalist of any music outfit holds the key to unlocking the hearts of the listener, and Miranda does this by first unlocking his own. “Colorblind” is also a display of talent, restraint and musicianship in the other band members. In particular the rhythm section has outdone themselves in the verses of “Colorblind”, providing unconventional, tasty beats. This uniqueness is spread throughout the entire album, and there aren’t really any boring sections to be found here. The guitar licks are smart, clean and never overextend; they always blend well with the other parts and provide the right ambience and mood. Overall the performance on this album is phenomenal, and really shows the bands dedication to the craft, especially in songs like “Deep Red”, “Colorblind” and “Fever Dream”.

Movements – Colorblind (Official Music Video)

BUNDLES: DIGITAL: Taken from the new album ‘Feel Something’ out now. Stay connected: Video by Morgan Freed & Jon Ryan of Ride or Cry Collective LYRICS: Breathe in Run fingers over scarred skin Let the guilt rain down all over me Try to justify my hypocrisy Breathe out Watch the words as they fall from your mouth They sound pretty sharp, and they probably sting.

C O M P O S I T I O N  /  P R O D U C T I O N

Movements really cleans up in this department. It’s not just that the production is without mistakes, it’s that it is phenomenal and beyond that, Feel Something has great levels, dynamics and soundscape at all times. You would struggle to find any part of this that downright sounded bad. The whole album has this warm, open and natural vibe to it, which perfectly fits the Movements sound. There isn’t much to say here other than that the production level is top notch and will never get in t

The composition is also nearly perfect in Feel Something. Varying intensity in verses, masterful use of time signature, knowing when to implement harmony and light airy vocals – these are all characteristics that Movements has displayed. One thing to note is that it really feels as though the band is playing together, with each other. It doesn’t feel like one person wrote everything and then everyone else in the band followed suit. Even if this is the case, it doesn’t feel that way. This feels like the group sat together in a room together hashing out ideas and playing together. The composition in Feel Something feels homey, as if you know that every song really means something to each member.

F I N A L  T H O U G H T S

I think that it would be a lie for me to say that this album is for everyone, it isn’t. It isn’t for everyone, and it isn’t for any time you want to listen to some music. But it is an album for people who are looking to quite literally Feel Something. This record is best for people who are into post-hardcore, emo music, and people who are looking for a little bit of a deviation from what they normally get. It is phenomenal, and I think after listening you get hooked on some of the songs and will definitely want to replay them. It just isn’t for absolutely everyone and that is perfectly okay.

Feel Something is perfect for the people who need it. Anyone looking for some new music to go with the rest of their fall vibes should definitely try it out. It has all the right things, good production, great message, and beautiful musicianship.

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