Speak The Truth… Even If Your Voice Shakes Announce Debut Album ‘Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You’

Alternative rock supergroup Speak The Truth…Even If Your Voice Shakes have announced they’ll be releasing their debut album, Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You on November 10th. The band, which features members of Senses Fail and Finch, has spent the last year crafting songs that channel the best of late ’90s/early 2000s rock – complete with fiery hooks that sink their teeth in from the very first chord.

On the forthcoming album, guitarist Daniel Wonacott shares: “We were all really excited to see how a Finch/Senses Fail combo would sound. As the record came together I think we all figured out that, Wow! This sounds new and fresh, something neither of our other bands have done. To me the album feels like home; the songs came together in a very natural way, I wasn’t concerned about writing for a specific sound, we just did what came naturally.”

Speak The Truth… Even If Your Voice Shakes is the newest project from members of Senses Fail (Buddy Neilsen) and Finch (Alex Linares, Daniel Wonacott and Alex Pappas).

Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You was written and recorded at a time when the band was dealing with major events within their personal lives, including a life-threatening motorcycle accident and the growth of their families. As a result, STTEIYVS was determined to not just finish their debut record, but to really pour their hearts into each song.



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