Dizzy Make Their Mark On The World With Debut Single “Stars and Moons”

Photo Credit: Leeor Wild

Burgeoning Oshawa-based quartet Dizzy have put their stamp on the world with their debut single, “Stars and Moons”, which was produced by Damian Taylor (Arcade Fire, Bjork, The Killers). Formed by ethereal singer-songwriter Katie Munshaw and ‘band of brothers’ Charlie, Alex and Mackenzie Spencer, Dizzy create evocative, electro indie-pop confections around narratives reflective of coming of age in suburbia.

In the suburbs, life moves at a slower pace; routine is valued and gossip fuels the local news. Strip malls, skate parks, Arizona iced tea out of the corner store fridge – stuck in between highways. Hailing from Oshawa, Ontario, a city near Toronto with a population of just over 160K, Dizzy began making music to combat the anxieties of the vortex of boredom that is suburbia. Like anyone growing up in the digital age, the band went to basement parties, discovered social media, scraped their knees, fell in love, and felt insecure. For Dizzy, though, having the suburbs as their playground for experience, the band was encouraged to explore music and art outside of what was right in front of them, and to create their own.

“Oshawa is dense. We all grew up in modern suburbia so there’s an arm’s length between my neighbour’s house and mine,” says Munshaw. “Making music always stemmed from my being overly sensitive about everything, so when you’re that close to so many people you’re bound to meet the essential characters that screw you up enough to start writing about them. Oshawa introduced me to friendship and heartache and change while keeping me bored enough to sit at home and write about it.”

Dizzy – Stars and Moons

Listen to ‘Stars and Moons’ on Dizzy’s debut album ‘Baby Teeth’ here: https://Dizzy.lnk.to/BabyTeeth Connect with Dizzy: https://dizzy.lnk.to/Instagram https://dizzy.lnk.to/Facebook https://dizzy.lnk.to/Twitter https://dizzy.lnk.to/MailingList https://dizzy.lnk.to/Spotify https://dizzy.lnk.to/AppleMusic https://dizzy.lnk.to/Website Lyrics: Found you in the bedroom Vacant, set in gloom Jamming all your fingertips into all your wounds Baby it’s a dog day Don’t you let it

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