Off Guard Release New Single “Strawberry Moon”

Photo Credit: Holly Turner

Although new, Long Island alternative rock outfit Off Guard display a mature, well-developed sound as showcased with their second single, “Strawberry Moon”. The five-piece previously released their high-energy debut single “Maybe” in June. Vocalists Matt Weiss, Matt Becker and Tyler Embry come from a classically trained background that shows clearly throughout the track,, with intricate harmonies and well thought out vocal runs that bend the alternative genre. Guitarists Doug Tuchler, Matt Becker, and Bass Guitarist Tyler Embry produce distorted chord progressions and riffs that transcend any standards met from the stereotypical Long Island band. Drummer Nick Kolokathis has toured the entire United States with national acts in the past five years while building connections that sets Off Guard apart from the pack. About the single, the band states:

“I think we can all relate to a song about needing to be on your own to find yourself. This song is a metaphor for all of the hard work that we’ve done and the things that we had to leave behind going into adulthood. We want people to be hit with the same feelings and thoughts that we were experiencing when we wrote the song.”

Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon, an album by Øff Guard on Spotify

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