Hostile Array Premiere Music Video for “Herd Instinct”

Maryland metalcore quintet Hostile Array (formerly known as My Ransomed Soul) have premiered their new music video for their second single, “Herd Instinct”. The song lives on their upcoming album due out next year.

Outspoken and message driven about the major conflicts in the world, the new single, deals with the idea of blind patriotism and the growth of radical nationalism in the United States.

“If we lose our principles, our nation has no value,” explains vocalist Brendan Frey. “We have lost our sense of what it means to have true freedom. If you protest the system or the powers that be, people often claim that you’re ‘anti-American’. In my opinion, dissent is one of the highest forms of patriotism.”

Hostile Array – Herd Instinct (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Spotify: iTunes: Bandcamp: Facebook: Twitter: Video by Atom Productions Directory of Photography: Michael Burkholder Editor: Bradley Atom “Herd Instinct” Lyrics: They care more about their flag than what they claim it represents. They care more about their anthems than their homeless, poor, and sick.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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