Great American Ghost Release New Track “Ann Arbor (Be Safe)”

Boston hardcore juggernauts Great American Ghost have debuted another all new track today entitled “Ann Arbor (Be Safe)” via Metalsucks. This is the third track the band have released from their upcoming album Hatred Stems From the Seed, due out September 29th.

“This song is easily the most personal on the record and it’s also the first one that we wrote,” says vocalist Ethan Harrison. “It’s basically about how wildly selfish it is to choose to tour when there are people in your life that are relying on you emotionally, and also acknowledging the choice to ignore that.” 

Great American Ghost – Ann Arbor (Be Safe) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Great American Ghost’s music video for “Ann Arbor (Be Safe)” from the album, Hatred Stems From The Seed – available September 29th on Good Fight Music: Good Fight Music Store: Great American Ghost Store: iTunes: Amazon: Google: Directed and Edited by Anthony Altamura Site: iTunes: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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