Mercury Sky Release New Single “No True Scotsman”

Sydney alternative rockers Mercury Sky have released the second single from their upcoming EP with “No True Scotsman”. The new track is an expansive, heavy, complex track and indicative of the growth and maturity of musicianship and songwriting on the new EP Infra, which is out this Friday.

Lyrically and conceptually, the band explores a wide range of experiences within the spectrum of humanity such as the ever-increasing dependence on technology as a means of expression, political correctness and the weight of opinions as well as the highs and lows of coping with love, loss and existence.

No True Scotsman by Mercury Sky

‘No True Scotsman’ is the second track off of Mercury Sky’s sophomore EP, ‘Infra’ Personnel: Kay Thatch: Vocals Keiren Lovett: Guitar/Programming Cameron Davies: Guitar Tom Bergman: Bass Guitar Keiran Berry: Drums Produced by Dave Petrovic and Mercury Sky @ Electric Sun Studios Mastered by Don Bartley @ Benchmark Mastering.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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