Figure It Out Release New Video for “Silence Isn’t Golden”

Photo Credit: Ethan Beazley

Knowing when a relationship has run its course and realizing that it’s time to let go can be a difficult pill to swallow. Arizona-based pop punk quartet Figure It Out tackle this head on in their anthemic new single “Silence Isn’t Golden,” which also serves as the title track of their latest EP.

When asked about the track vocalist/guitarist Mike Weakley says “I wasn’t looking to write another energetic high-tempo song when looking for the title track. The last EP was full of them. I wanted to write something that reminded me of Blink’s ‘Stay Together for the Kids” or an ‘Adams Song’ chorus. When I belt the hook, it’s big and powerful. The song is about any relationship where if the communication isn’t there, it’s time to let go. I think it came out meaningful and still fun.

Figure It Out – “Silence Isn’t Golden” (Official Music Video)

Introducing: Figure It Out from Phoenix, AZ! Check out the official music video for the title track off the band’s brand new EP ‘Silence Isn’t Golden’ exclusively on BVTV Music! ‘Silence Isn’t Golden’ EP available now!

What Are Your Thoughts!

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