Album Review: Nothing More – The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Finding a way to be creative in the digital age is a very hard thing to do. It almost feels as if every idea someone may come up with has already been done and even if it hasn’t, whatever idea that may come to mind is probably being influenced by another. There’s a common misconception that originality is dead and in its place is simply reworked or rehashed ideologies that may improve upon the initial concept which leave a lasting feeling of was it really needed? This concept is intertwined into nearly everything in life but truly comes to light in certain industries, one of which is music. As the mainstream appeal of certain and genres takes hold, it feels as if everything is just a reworked version of whatever is popular at the time. That’s why it’s important to look outside the realm of commonality and venture into genres and bands that don’t have the mainstream appeal – they’re the ones who are truly reimagining what we think of certain sounds and this is where San Antonio alternative metal act Nothing More have found themselves throughout the career, but even more so with their new album The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

[tw-toggle title=”About Nothing More”]
Genre: Alternative Metal | Modern Rock | Progressive Rock
Label: Eleven Seven Music Group / Better Noise Records
Release: September 15, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

At first glance, The Stories We Tell Ourselves can look like a relatively long slog to people as most albums now days tick in between the 30 to 40-minute mark. There’s a reason for this as most musicians tend to struggle coming up with creative concepts to retain listeners interest on longer albums so the end goal is usually creating something that has more precision and direction. Fortunately for fans of Nothing More, different infusions of genres or simply fans of fantastic music, this is an album that doesn’t struggle in regards to length, creativity or interest. One of the ways that they’ve accomplished retaining a long-lasting appeal is retaining a true to themselves mentality throughout the whole record as vocalist Jonny Hawkins indicated that this is an introspective journey from beginning to end and helped him navigate challenges in his personal life. This gives it a raw and real approach thematically that listeners will find themselves connecting to, intentionally or not as the tracks traverse moments of political commentary and gut-grabbing doses of reality, giving those same listeners a voice that they feel they may not have.

Nothing More – Who We Are (Official Lyric Video)

Official lyric video for ‘Who We Are’ by Nothing More off of the new upcoming album ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’.

Theme and connectivity is important, but musicality and listenability is just as important and with that, Nothing More once again strike gold. The Stories We Tell Ourselves is a multi-pronged approach at music creativity as they blend multiple genres together into the whole of their music, making it feel just as much as part of the band as the actual members are. The sound that lives throughout the album is made up of modern rock, alternative metal, moments of hardcore and a sprinkle of pop and hip hope infusion that helps create a unique sound that is just as beautiful as it is intense. It truly feels fresh, unique and different without overreaching and doing too much as each element cohesively comes together like a puzzle, making for an unforgettable listen whether you enjoy it or not. Even with all the beauty in chaos and doses of intense aggression that litters the first half of the album, Nothing More give people moments of subtlety to retain themselves before once again, delivering a finale that grips and shakes people to their very core.

Based on initial reactions and buzz around the music community, The Stories We Tell Ourselves is an album that has all of the pieces to set the world on fire and make Nothing More the household name they’ve deserved for many years. Whether it’s the incredibly catchy choruses, detailed stories that are relatable yet fully honest and raw or the utilization of letting the music do the talking and act as an additional member, this is truly an album that is unlike any other. For those who say that modern day music has nothing new to offer, all you need to do is show them The Stories We Tell Ourselves and let the music do the legwork because with this, Nothing More have delivered nothing short of excellence.


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