Forming in July 2017, you don’t get much newer than alternative hardcore band LIFETIGHT who have announced their debut EP, Self-Tightled will be out November 3rd. Additionally, the band have announced their signing to Crooked Noise Records and you can check out the bands first single, “Energy” below.

LIFETIGHT is a band built on positive energy and our upcoming EP Self-Tightled is purely built upon riffs fuelled by that energy! We’re stoked to be releasing this with Crooked Noise as they’ve shown interest from the beginning and seem to know the exact vibe we’re going for. Basically, they understand us completely, and we like that.”

Rising from the ashes of Lock & KeyLIFETIGHT’s Self-Tightled is a straight-up, no-holds-barred, two-stepping alternative hardcore EP in the finest traditions of the genre. For fans of Hatebreed and Beartooth, the band draw on personal experiences in writing the EP (mental health, the military) to create this positive energy.