Majik Announce Debut EP ‘Under the Influence’ + Release New Single “Talk To Me”

Atmospheric indie duo Majik, who formed in Leeds thanks to a chance pairing as roommates have been captivating fans and critics alike since their debut, double A side single “Save Me/It’s Alright” in late 2015. Today, the duo have announced their debut EP Under the Influence with the subsequent release of their captivating new single, “Talk To Me”.

All beautifully crafted soundscapes, with radio-friendly hooks that sink deep into your psyche; ‘Talk to Me’ is no exception. The track is the first of three new tracks to be taken from their upcoming debut EP, signaling the creation of an experimental new direction for the duo, exploring more explicit and raw references. Fusing their pared down electronic soundscapes, heady mix of lush chords and potent words with the power to heal.

Of the track, the duo said, “Talk to Me comes from the undercurrents of a collapsing relationship at the point where you just want to ‘live’ and be free. It’s the ‘all or nothing’ mind-set clashing with it being ‘time to let it go’ and the journey from one to the other.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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