Album Review: Bearings- Nothing Here is Permanent

Nothing Here is Permanent is packed with dynamics across the emotional, intellectual, and instrumental spectrum.

The Ottawa-based Pop-Punk quintet Bearings has brought a lot to the table in their third EP, Nothing Here is Permanent. The beginning of each song is full of ambitious hustle. Bearings brings strong emotional tone right into the picture. Even better, each of these tones hit you with the warm, punchy satisfaction of an Irish coffee.

There isn’t anything too experimental brought to the table in Nothing Here is Permanent, but this album is remarkable pop-punk.

Fans of Descendents, State Champs, and Blink 182 will find sweet treats in the deliberate layers Nothing Here Feels Permanent have put over the classic pop-punk archetype. Every song is dripping with purpose and direction- the intro to each song would pop out and settle in immediately, grabbing my attention from the get-go.

[tw-toggle title=”About Bearings”]
Genre: Pop Punk
Label: Pure Noise Records
Release: September 8, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: Physical / Digital

When it comes to the vocals of Nothing Here is Permanent, there’s plenty of good to say.

“I can’t be complacent, I’m just so unsure,” is one of the many lyrics that stick right out. The lyrics of this album overall are packed with fantastic things. Rich imagery of personal vignettes, smooth self-awareness, and a deeply sympathetic voice all in one. As a lyrical stickler, I could belt out the lyrics to songs like “Letters Home” guilt-free, and love every second of it. A refreshing vocal break in “Letters Home”, coupled with a delicious guitar melody, make for an exclamation in Nothing Here is Permanent’s incredibly well-rounded songs.

I noticed one caveat in the vocals of Nothing Here Is Permanent– a weird-feeling moment in “Spent”. After an insanely satisfying build-up and gratification up to the chorus, the following vocal mod feels somewhat out of place. The following instrumental layers do a good job of making the mod believable, which is a definite plus. However, I feel as though the vocals stick out in the few seconds where it’s just them.

Bearings “North Hansen” Official Music Video

NEW MUSIC FROM BEARINGS- WATCH THE “BLUE IN THE DARK” VIDEO HERE: CD/Vinyl/Merch: iTunes: Spotify: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: North Hansen Lyrics I went to see you at the Hospital I found you laying in your room I Stood beside your bedside every night I did my best to comfort you It’s the morphine and the painkillers That left you tired and confused They said the cancer wasn’t cureable They said there’s nothing they could do (what is happening?)

The instrumentation of Nothing Here is Permanent is constantly picking, lifting, moving and tweaking little pieces of each moment.

The album feels incredibly easy to sink into and interact with because of this. The first verse of “Spent” is a great example- pulsating percussion, sprawling guitar chords, and constant change in dynamics keep a listener stuck to the song while it progresses.

Nothing Here is Permanent is a lean EP. Bearings have trimmed the album to a slick, streamlined EP filled with maximum musical effect. It’s got a little bit of many different things- classic emo-style guitar riffs, pop-punk anthem choruses, delicious instrumental walls of sound, and emotional powerhouse moments are but a few of the many things Nothing Here is Permanent offers.

Nothing Here is Permanent feels like a body of five individual songs that make their mark.

They do so splendidly, but it feels like there’s a lot of space between each song. Smoother transitions between the instrumental and emotional would make for an even tastier impact.



What Are Your Thoughts!

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