Pair of Arrows Premiere New Single “Walls”

LA based electro art-pop band Pair of Arrows have announced their debut EP Walls  will be out September 29th via Blank City Records. Today, the band has premiered the records first new song and title track, “Walls”.

Pair Of Arrows is comprised of Swan Palermo (vocals), RD White (keys & production) and Brandon Burkart (drums). The three-piece’s electronic music evokes Depeche Mode’s new wave hooks and the post-punk sounds of Cocteau Twins whilst creating a dark dreamscape of modern day, left-field pop. Emotive vocals, warm synths, kinetic rhythms and massive bass drive and define the Pair Of Arrows’ sound.

““Walls” is two stories of love and disenchantment interwoven: an epic and courageous love that burns bright but grows dark, imploding upon itself, and also the story of realizing that you’ve let a stranger live inside your home. One day they see that realization in your eyes and there is no going back.” – Swan Palermo

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