Peach Pit Announce New Album ‘Being So Normal’

Lester Lyons-Hookum

Vancouver indie pop artists Peach Pit have just announced their new record Being So Normal, set to be released September 15th on Kingfisher Bluez. Pre-orders for the album are available now on Bandcamp and iTunes. Check out the band’s new music video for “Drop The Guillotine” below.

Peach Pit – Drop The Guillotine (Official Video)

Subscribe daddy::) Back in high school my much better looking best friend was really good at swooping in and stealing away any new crush I had. I wrote this angsty song about him slitting my throat with a guillotine to make me feel better. -N.S.

[tw-toggle title=”Tracklist”]
1. Drop The Guillotine
2. Being So Normal
3. Techno Show
4. Alrighty Aphrodite
5. Chagu Sideturn
6. Not Me
7. Hot Knifer
8. Private Presley
9. Tommy’s Party

What Are Your Thoughts!

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