Huxtable Announce New EP ‘Change Shape Future’ + Release New Video

Scottish alt-rockers Huxtable are only two in number, but have the sonic power of many, as anyone who has seen them live can attest to. Jordan Yates and Mark William Brown have spent the past three years perfecting their sound, described by the duo themselves as “riff-rock”, building themselves a devoted following in the process. Today, the duo have announced their new EP Change Shape Future will be out September 29th with the first single, “Don’t Do Anything Fancy” available now.

Want to know more about ‘Change Shape Future’? Huxtable comment:

“’Change Shape Future’ is all about embracing change and how if you want something different out of life you need to make changes. It’s a pretty basic idea really, but one I think we need to be reminded of. Constantly adapt to where you want to be in the future- make the change that will shape your future.

We’ve been writing for about 18 months, the original plan was to do an album- but we decided that an EP would be the best way to go- It’s quite a nerve racking thing having been in a little bubble for so long and now we are thinking- “this is the most confident record we have made, let’s see if people agree!” It’s an excited nervousness.”

Huxtable – Don’t Do Anything Fancy (Official Video)

Huxtable – Don’t Do Anything Fancy Don’t Do Anything Fancy is the first single to be taken from Huxtable’s new E.P ‘CHANGE SHAPE FUTURE’.

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