Album Review: InVisions – Never Nothing

For people who follow certain music scenes with a microscope, you’ll notice that there tends to be a desire for the styles that put those scenes into a bigger spotlight to remain, even if the sound has evolved so far past what once was popular 10 years ago. This is true of nearly all forms of entertainment, from television to kids’ toy and when you truly think about it, it’s simply amazing how big of a factor nostalgia can play when it comes to the things we crave no matter how far gone they are. When it comes to the core music scene, there’s a long list of bands that helped pave the way for where the genre currently is, but there’s far fewer on the list of acts that had a sound that still lead to new artists building off of it. Taking a rather notable influence from fellow York outfit Asking Alexandria, InVisions are quite new to the music world, but their debut album Never Nothing packs a heavy, yet familiar punch that surprises and pleases in a variety of ways.

[tw-toggle title=”About InVisions”]
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: August 18, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Big Cartel

Recorded at Innersound Studios with Sam and Joe Graves, the influence of the studio’s clientele is all over Never Nothing, making it feel very familiar. The proof lies within the sound that InVisions have created and for those who want to go in the way back machine, wait until you hit the second track “Turn Up”. Everything about this song screams nostalgia from its backing electronics, varying pitched screams and swooning chorus that grabs listeners attention and coupled with the nonstop, fast paced instrumentation, it simply has all the trappings of older style Asking Alexandria. This style carries throughout a large amount of Never Nothing and will undoubtedly be a talking point when it comes to the masses hearing the release, however, it is a style that many continue to clamor for. Additionally, each track is well composed as the programming seamlessly blends with the instrumentation and while the mix is on point as no one single element overpowers another.

InVisions – Soul Seeker (Official Music Video)

THE NEW ALBUM ‘BETWEEN YOU & ME’ OUT NOW! PHYSICAL: STREAM: Stay Connected Find Us On: Facebook –… Instagram –… Twitter – Bandcamp – http://www.Invisionsofficial.bandcamp… Online Store – AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD & STREAM ON: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Apple Music and Google Play!

While the familiarity will surely be one of the main sticking points, InVisions also bring their own game forward and Never Nothing wouldn’t be what it is without the people who make up the band. Vocalist Ben Ville has an incredibly impressive range that harkens from intense, brooding growls and lows to bellowing mids and shrieking highs while also providing similar range on the singing spectrum to help elevate the choruses. On the instrumental side, guitarists Lucas Gabb and Alex Scott manage to create some memorable breakdowns, even with an overreliance on chugging. When they aren’t hitting the extremely heavy side of the spectrum, dynamic leads and creative riffs shine through and help drive further creativity into the music while Josh Hardy blasts away on the kit in near perfect cohesion. Last, but not least is the inclusion of a wide variety of programming from backing synths that help create a haunting atmosphere or added vocals effects to the brief orchestral and key arrangements.

The most surprising thing about Never Nothing and more so InVisions is how enjoyable of a listening experience it provides. It’s a longer than usual affair, coming in just over 43 minutes and 12 tracks, and thanks to some strong composition, never feels as if it overstays its welcome or becomes too same-y. Further helping the record stay fresh is the nonstop, full throttled approach it takes as InVisions grab listeners by the throat and let go only for brief moments (“Serenity” and “Faith in Another”). After giving the record multiple full playthroughs, it’s clear that they knew exactly what they wanted to create and output and thanks to having a defined direction from the start, Never Nothing ended up as a truly well-rounded album that will easily draw in audiences from not just the nostalgia-driven crowds, but the new school ones as well.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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